For Teachers

It was a pleasure to have you (MAV) in the school and I think it was very good for the kids, they are so unused to meeting doctors so pats on the back all round.’
Mrs D, Geography and PSE, Castlehead High School, Paisley

This is a very effective DVD, demonstrating the consequences of violent acts with hard hitting examples from real life.  This would also tie in well with Curriculum for Excellence in guiding pupils to be responsible citizens.  The aim here is that young people will learn to respect others.  This DVD could be used beneficially within Social Studies classes, PSE or Religious and Moral education classes.  It would provoke a strong reaction, hopefully leading to debate and as a result changed attitudes especially to those vulnerable young people who could be on the cusp of joining a gang or groups of young people looking for a sense of belonging and acceptance through violent actions.’
Mrs S , History and Geography teacher, Ayrshire

‘The DVD was very powerful and held the pupil‘s attention throughout. Both doctors interacted well with the pupils and engaged them fully when speaking about their work with the victims’
Mrs B, St Stephen’s High Port Glasgow

‘I think the pupils responded very well to the DVD. I think this would appeal to the conscience of the pupils in this year group, especially when a young victim spoke of the unprovoked attack that he endured which left him paralysed from the neck down.’
Ms. McC, St Stephen’s High Port Glasgow

‘I thought the DVD was really good and professional looking. I have no problems with the content as I don't think it's anything the pupils haven't seen. It is hard hitting but I think that's necessary. I liked the scenario idea at the end where there are 2 different endings to the same situation. That's always good for discussion in a class.’
Mrs L, English and PSE, Braidhurst High, Motherwell

I just wanted to let your team know that the talks they gave in our school were greatly appreciated. The teachers thought they were 'brilliant' and totally relevant to the pupils. They all said the DVD was very good and they would have the team back 'in a minute'.